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Reach the Top Leisure and Business Travelers + AirGuide eNewsletters are dedicated to air travel and designed for leisure and business travelers and the corporate travel market, our publications provide everything global travelers need to know to make intelligent decisions before, during and after a voyage, conference, meeting or event.

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Frequent Business & Leisure Travelers
Corporate, Finance Professionals & Traders
Individual Business Professionals
Websites & Mobile Providers
Travel Trade Markets, Corporate Travel Agencies & Planners
Aviation and Air Transport Trade
News & Media Agencies, News OutletsSyndicators

Business & Travel Media, Anytime, Anywhere:
At Home, At the Office, In Transit, In the Air, At the Hotel

AirGuide for the Frequent Flyer, AirGuide Business, CruiseGuide and Pyramid Media Network content (more than 500 news, features, special reports, reviews, advice, air and travel guides) is delivered to more than 440,000 B2C+ B2B Subscribers (80% paid) and Media and to over 3.5 million though our syndication network partners in more than 100 countries, in all available platforms: online, mobile and in-flight.

B2C Network 143,291

B2B Air Transport & Aviation 130,852
B2B Travel Trade 169,982
B2B Business & Finance 135,052
B2B Network 435,886

Total B2B+B2C Network 579,177

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